Hiking in the forest, passing through a sea of ​​fog, breathing in the scent of nature and mountains ...

Pang-Ung (Pang Oong) or "Pangtong" is one of the projects of the Queen Sirikit Royal Initiative Development of the highlands. The place is also sometimes called "Ruam Thai" on maps and signs. It is a village of the Shan ethnic group that has developed with modern agricultural projects and is located 44 kilometers from the town of Mae Hong Son.

The large water tank at Pang Ung is popular and attracts more and more visitors every year. His view of the lake, leaves, pine, beautiful mountain scenes with fog in the morning are a perfect combination for loving visitors watercolors of nature. Although the lake is beautiful throughout the year, we prefer the winter months of December and January. The atmosphere is quiet and charming. Travelers who rise early could benefit from the first morning light mixes with the mist, with a little luck, you might see black swans coming out to play with the sunlight in the middle of the lake. These swans were offered by Her Majesty the Queen. It is a unique experience and it is hard to describe, better you understand is to live it.

Walking or jogging along the lake are enjoyable activities to do. There are campsites and cottages around it. In winter, the temperature sometimes drops to zero, which creates a thin layer of ice on the plants and flowers. For this region Pang Ung is nicknamed Little Switzerland of Thailand.

Also you can rent bamboo rafts from villagers and visit the reservoir in an original way. Another interesting option is the visit on horseback. For those who like to hike in the forest, there is also a planned way to Nam Yot Cliff. It will lead you through the planting fields until you reach the top of Nam Yot Cliff. This is considered one of the strong points of this place. Beautiful wild flowers grow along the way. If you have a little more time to spend before leaving, it is highly recommended to visit the Pang Tong Palace which is also part of the royal forest project. A pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, with sheep, horses, a nursery containing winter plants are not just visiting.

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