How to travel with us

Prepare the journey


Concerning the clothes, Thailand is a Paradise ! Prepare your tongs, short/bermuda & T-shirt all day long.

However, if you are going to visit some temples or official places such as the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you have to be well dressed ! In this case, plan to have some clothes which covers your shoulders, with sleeves. the low-necked shirts are forbidden too. Concerning the pant, it has to cover your knees.

During the evening or for the reany season, I advise you to bring some light jacket, a raincoat and maybe a little retractable umbrella with you.

If you are planning to go to trekking with us, your main luggages will stay at the hotel during the activity and you will take it back once the trekking is finished only. It is required to bring the following items :
  • Copy of your passport
  • Bagpack designed for trekking
  • Short and long pants
  • T-shirt
  • Trekking shoes & socks
  • Jacket, mostly for winter season
  • Raincoat, mostly for rainy season
  • Tongs
  • Hat or cap
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Mosquito repellent with anti-leech protection


The official currency in thailand is the Thai Baht. It is not required to purchase some Thai Baht before your stay as you can go to any ATM to withdraw money with your VISA or MASTERCARD. Even if we didn't experience any problem, we strongly advise you to contact your bank to tell them that you will be travelling to Thailand and avoid a security lock of your card. Always plan to bring some EUR with you, so you will be able to exchange it anywhere at a better rate than at the ATM with your credit card. We also advise you NOT to convert your money at the airport nor at the hotel but to wait till you are in the city. The exchange rate is indeed more interesting at the bank or at some money exchange, found nearly at every corner of the streets.


There is no compulsory vaccination to enter in thailand.

However, it is advised to be up-to-date for the hepatitis A, the typhoïd fever, rabies. Universal vaccination such as DTCP & hepatitis B have to be done too. If you plan to stay in the country-side, mostly near the border (trekking etc), a prevention against malaria should be applied.


There is mostly no visa requirement for EU citizens if the stay is 30 days or less. If your country doesn't have specific agreements with Thailand, it is strongly advised to check the up-to-date information

Mobile application

DJ Paradise Tour partners with Smart Travel App to offer you an enhanced experience during your travel. All our tours also include an online version, available through the mobile app of Smart Travel on Android and IOS.

You can use your own phone when you are travelling with a guide and driver and you will receive one of our phones during your stay if you travel with a driver only. This phone has to be returned to the driver in Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Koh Samui, at the end of your trip.
Please follow carefully the instructions available on the website of Smart Travel.

During your journey

Arrival at Bangkok

Once you arrive at the airport, the guide or the driver will wait for you in front of the door 4 at the level of the arrivals. You do not have to change the floor at your arrival. Only pass through the immigration offices, take back your luggage, pass through the customs and after the glass-walls, look at the number of the main doors and follow them till the number 4 - inside the airport.

Mobile application

Once in the minivan and if you travel with us with driver only, the driver will give you a phone which already has a SIM card and some internet package activated to use during your trip. This phone has to be given back to the driver in Chiang Mai or Bangkok, or at the end of your stay in Koh Samui.

All the instructions to use the mobile app is available on the website of Smart Travel. If you didn't follow yet the preparation instruction for the app, wait till the hotel to connect on the wifi and do it as it is compulsory to use the app.


Concerning the visits, if you have a guide, he will manage the entrance fee for you. If you travel alone or only with a driver, you will have to manage the entrance fees yourself, as agreed together. The driver will always show you the place he is waiting for you once you finish the visit.

Restaurant & tips

Concerning the restaurant & the food, even little restaurants are usually really clean and yummy. In Thailand, you can safely drink with some ice as they are made from drinking water. However, I advise you to always bring with you some sealed water bottles, by example from your room, as tap water cannot be used as drinking water. Do not forget to ask to your guide or driver to write you down in thai the name of the food and explain if you want it spicy or not. Concerning the tips, it is usual and advised to give 10% of the amount of the bill.


Concerning the electricity, you will be able to find in all the hotels some international electric plug with 220V. In case if you room is not equipped with the model of plug you are using, you can ask some adapter to the reception.

After your journey

Once you go back to your country, feel free to contact us back by phone or by E-Mail to share your travel experience with our team. We also try to contact you back after a few days to discuss about the trip and how we can continuously improve our services to our guests.