What makes Thailand one of the most dynamic nations, energetic and innovative Asian? In addition to its beautiful landscape and its growth, history and culture of Thailand reflect the rich artistic heritage of a magnificent kingdom. The identity of this kingdom grows and does not only adapt to contemporary trends, Thailand is also looking to leave his own borrows on the world today.

Why does Thailand has a strong presence in the region? Thailand has the enormous advantage of never having been colonized by a foreign power. There has been past several invasions by the Burmese people and a brief Japanese occupation during World War II but for the most part, Thailand has always been, as its name indicates a Earth of Freedom.

Thailand has always managed to avoid European colonization through the intelligence of his government that tolerated the presence of foreigners but also succeeded in the league against each other in addition to having exchanged land with Laos and Cambodia to maintain their independence. While maintaining an openness to foreign cultures, Thailand has always managed to keep a strong identity and national pride.

Thais have a spirit of patriotism, a highly developed independence and a huge joy. Their dedication in any form is manifested by their sympathy towards others and their passion for food, art, faith and work.