The royal town of Kuala Kangsar which served as the setting for the movie "Indochine", takes its name from one tree to the deadly sap that is used by Orang Asli for hunting with blowpipes. She enjoys the coveted status of royal capital since she was invested by the Sultans of Perak in the nineteenth century. Kuala Kangsar custody of a heritage that period quite remarkable, a magnificent mosque, beautiful palaces and an important colonial legacy. Today it is a rather nice country town, overwhelmed by competition from neighboring cities of Ipoh and Taiping, but that may offer a pleasant walk of half a day. The old town is crisscrossed by a "shophouse" old houses-shops run by Chinese traders.

Kellie Castle

The construction of this unique castle began in 1915 and was abruptly halted when Kellie accidental death in 1926. The castle and lonely lifeless seems almost surreal amidst the wild side plantations of Perak. He has a strong personality. The road leading to the castle Kellie follows the contours of the earth according to a dizzying maze-like layout, adding to the mystery and romance of the place.