Diving on daytime from Koh Samui to Koh Tao and Sail Rock
The island of Koh Tao is located 70 km north of Koh Samui. With an area of ​​21 km², the majority of the island is covered with palm trees. South and West coasts are extensive white sand beaches. The northern and eastern parts consist of small bays cut into the cliffs of granite blocks. Mae Haad, the only "city" of the island is located on the southern part of the West Coast and is the point of arrival and departure of vessels providing transfers with the outside.



Depth of 2m to 20m. Visibility from 10m to 30m. Located 1 km from Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan, the buoy showing the location of the site is fixed at 9m deep. Cap 210º to discover a wide strip of coral reef. The variety of hard and soft corals is impressive and the many reef fish swirl around divers. Groupers, barracuda, trevally, angelfish, Neptune sponges, cucumbers, eels are waiting for you and the most attentive, nudibranchs Phylidia. An area covered with anemones with their clown fish is particularly interesting. For divers of all levels.


Depth of 7m to 17m. Visibility from 10m to 20m. Located to the west of Koh Nang Yuan, the site consists of three sets of granite blocks covered with corals and sponges. One or two giant groupers are protected in their crevices, Titan triggerfish patrol the site, and sometimes tuna or barracuda just turn around divers. Very nice diving for all levels.


Depth of 5m to 25m. Visibility from 10m to 30m. Located 50m from the north coast of Koh Nang Yuan, the great submerged block is one of the famous attractions of Koh Tao. Gaps and crevices allow an attractive exploration and arches through which you pass are very pretty. Corals, sponges and various fish are present and when leaving the block northbound, you enter the realm of Titan triggerfish. Huge and ready to defend their nests. This site is also excellent for large pelagic seen when visibility is good. For divers of all levels.


Depth from 12m to 36m. Visibility from 20m to 30m. Located 7 km north-west of Koh Tao, this is the most impressive site. 4 pinnacles form a beautiful dive site. Giant groupers, black coral, anemones garden, vertical drop offs, all of that requires a diver. An incredible amount of fish circling above the pinnacles and large pelagics are often present. Barracuda, tuna, trevally, sometimes whale sharks and exceptionally dolphin charm you. Located in the open sea, the current bit to be significant and therefore requires some experience. For experienced divers.


Depth of 6m to 15m. Visibility from 5m to 15m. Northern end of Koh Tao, ideal for PMT and Discovery Bay. From the buoy is open outward from North Bay. Great variety of corals, small fish, puffers, moray eels, juvenile barracuda. For beginners or scuba divers Contracting dice.


Depth of 2m to 28m. Visibility from 5m to 30m along the direction of the winds. Located at the south eastern end of Koh Tao, this mini island top brand 10m site. Possibility of 2 or 3 different dives. On the North East part, towards the south, varying levels soft coral (blue soft corals), gorgonians, black coral, turtles, triggerfish Titan coral table. North Branch, anemones, barracudas, very pretty coral. On the south western part, deeper and opportunities pelagic when visibility is good. For experienced divers.


Depth of 5m to 35m. Visibility from 15m to 30m. Located 15 km north of Koh Phangan, this 15m high block emerges at sea. The shallow part that surrounds the rock is covered with anemones and various corals. In the vertical walls, small eels observe divers. A fireplace filled with sea urchins and scorpion fish back 18m up to 10m on the south eastern part. Outside the south side, a submerged reef provides a view of "outside" where barracudas are strolling, tuna, trevally benches, and various fish. Black coral bouquets are many on this site. The current can be important and requires some experience. For experienced divers.


Depth of 10m to 25m. Visibility from 10m to 30m. Located 14 km south-west of Koh Nang Yuan, submerged reef is composed of 3 pinnacles. Huge groupers are hiding under an overhang and large pelagic revolve around the rocks. Lots of black coral, the shallowest part is lined with anemones. The current bit to be important, but the reef allows to shelter during the dive. For experienced divers.


Depth from 12m to 22m. Visibility from 5m to 20m. Located in the northeast of Koh Nang Yuan, the granite rocks offer significant exploration potential. Titan triggerfish patrol, mushrooms corals, sponges, cucumbers, angelfish, parrotfish, groupers are present. For all levels.


Depth of 5m to 10m. Visibility from 10m to 15m. Located east of Koh Nang Yuan, this small shallow diving offers a type of Acropora coral garden dotted with small fish benches. Ideal for beginners and open water.